BMW E46 M3 Track-day Car 2002

Sequential manual gearbox with both flappy paddle and tap forward and back shift stick, Schnitzer Racing Suspension and Bilstein Dampers. The car has been stripped out (lightened) with 2 racing seats. Strong unmolested M3 engine well maintained goes like stink and sounds fantastic. Spare set of wheels and a couple of sets of slicks also available. The owner of this car has other race cars and only uses this M3 to take out friends for fun on track-days when not racing, so the car does not get abused and normally only used about 3 times a year. The owner needs to raise funds for new race car for next season, hence now available for just 12,000 € You just can’t have this much fun on track for less money.

  • Price: 12,000€  
  • Brand: BMW 
  • Model: M3 E46 
  • Year: 2002 
  • Type: RoadandTrack